Thumb Money

Affordable - Accessible - Global

Thumb Money is a Global Social Enterprise Project that was launched by xCaliber in early 2020.

The purpose of the initiative is to help EMPOWER PEOPLE  from all over the world by providing a FREE course to teach them a simple technique to profit from the market using their mobile device. The course is free and the technique is open source, meaning its available to all, to learn, test, and improve upon.

The program also gives paid members the opportunity to sign up a for a small monthly fee to receive a funded account to perfect the technique in live market conditions. If members perform well they can receive additional capital for the same monthly fee and keep up to 90% of their profits.


Paid member also receive:


- One on one coaching to accelerate the lead time to becoming proficient.

- Invitations to live online Thumb Money Team Huddles to ask questions and review market opportunities

- Access to advanced risk management workshops.

- Have the opportunity to become coaches and risk managers.

The program has been tested all over the world  in countries including Zimbabwe, India, South Africa,and USA with exceptional results.

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