Trading 101

This program is designed to help clients develop a basic understanding of price action and master essential skills to survive the Currency Market each day. The program is divided into 5 phases which can be completed at the individuals own pace. With the exception of the Capstone each phase can be completed in a as little as a 2 weeks.


We only teach clients what they need to be profitable.

Our approach is different to other educators, we are not proponents of technical analysis, candle stick trading or any kind of trading with indicators. We see these tools and techniques  as pitfalls to new traders, no wonder so many fail to reach consistency.

We have taken many clients from having little or no experience of trading to becoming consistently profitable in a matter of weeks not months or years.

Below is an outline of our Trading 101 Course:

Phase 1 – On-boarding System Setup

Phase 2 – Basic Trading Simulation

Phase 3 – Trade Recovery Simulation

Phase 4 – Demo Familiarization/ Sim drills

Phase 5 – Trading Challenge (2 Weeks)