Simulation Trading

The most valuable but overlooked tool available to all traders is the simulation capability of the widely available MT4 or Ninja Trader Platform. The amazing benefit of this feature is that it allows traders to go back through history on any time frame to replay or re-attempt market moves they may have lost to. This is different to trading a DEMO account which only allows you to trade current live market conditions with paper money.


We've all been caught out at some point by an adverse move which we didn't expect, plan for and thus know how to recover from, that's just the nature of the market. We can however practice how to handle or exit that move over and over again through the simulation feature so we can handle it with confidence the next time around.

The ever improving trader will actively seek out significant historical market moves an attempt to trade them over and over again in the trade simulator to sharpen his skills.

xCaliber has developed a course specifically designed for traders to learn how to use the simulator function and journal progress as they replay sessions they may have missed or master the most volatile moves the market has to throw at them.